This sculpture, titled STAY ASLEEP, is at the Jung Center in Houston until March 24th as a part of the group exhibition Call and Response curated by Darien Johnson. 


Call and Response Curatorial Statement


This exhibition explores the filtration of content and the reinterpretation of information. While sources for information have broadened greatly since the advent of the World Wide Web, blogs, and social networking, presenting information that supports a bias remains a media practice.  The question being raised is not whether this is negative but rather to acknowledge it and to explore, as directly as possible, how our field is impacted by the way in which practicing artists gather information.


The development of ideation in the field of ceramics has largely been based on the history of the medium itself, a look back and reinterpretation.  Recently, artists who are using the medium are exploring content that relies more on the material qualities of ceramics.  How will the approach change within the medium when the source of information is removed from a historical context?


As documentary filmmaking and photography has become a significant format of discourse on many topics in our culture, it is within this genre that this exhibition will focus.  Brandon Johnson, a documentary Photographer, has been charged with the responsibility of creating a narrative of photographs based on the theme Earth and Energy and also on interviews he will have with each of the participating artists.  Johnson is acting as the constant in this inquiry. He is also representative of media, in that he is researching and gathering information, interpreting it, and then capturing images that are representative of those interpretations.


How are artists impacted by media bias and the filtration of information?  The photographs Johnson produces will be captured specifically for each of the artists he is working with.  The artists will then have those photographs presented to them. While each artist has a developed aesthetic and an approach to content that will be evident in the work produced, They have been asked to respond directly to the photographs assigned to them.